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BEST Polishing Brush Passion

Formsmooth wooden body with handle, hand finished
Size175 x 60 x 65 mm
VarnishingH01 not varnished
H02 clearly varnished
H03 brown varnished
H04 black varnished
Bristles#BEST60 special horsehair, light
#BEST61 special horsehair, black
MOQ100 pieces
Priceson demand

Instruction for use
First, apply the shoe polish thinly and evenly onto the leather. Let the cream be absorbed by the shoe and dry for a few minutes and then polish the shoe with the polishing brush. The heat that is produced on the leather surface by polishing gives the shoe polish an ideal consistency, so that it can penetrate into the finer leather pores, creating a fine protective film. A smooth surface is created, which protects the shoe from dirt and gives the leather a special shine.

The special horsehair of this brush #BEST60/61 is very resistant and will not break, even when used very forcefully. The high density of the bristles allows a very efficient polishing.