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999 All-round brush

Formtriangular body of plastic
Size75 x 80 mm
Varnishingtransparent (in stock);
red, blue, black, white natural white, green dark green (from 1,000 pieces)
Bristles#999: rubber crepe, synth. bristles and
horesehair (in stock)
MOQ0 pieces
Priceson demand

Instruction for use
1. Strong bristles for precleaning: The side with strong, synthetic bristles is used for precleaning all kinds of dirty shoes. Brush the dirty shoes thoroughly with this side!

2. Horsehair for polishing smooth leather: The side with horsehair is used for polishing shoes of smooth leather. After applying the shoe polish let the cream be absorbed. After this, polish the shoes with the horsehair side until they are shining.

3. Rubber crepe: The rubber crepe is used for cleaning and roughening shoes of suede leather. Brush the leather thoroughly with the crepe side. Crepe cleans leather fibers from dust and roughs them up evenly. Suede will look as good as new.