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996 Brush for shoes with fabrics

Formwooden body with handle
Size180 x 25 mm
Varnishingnot varnished (in stock);
clearly, brown or black varnished
(from 1,000 pieces)
Bristles#99615: synth. bristles white, special
quality which doesn´t hook
(in stock)
MOQ0 pieces
Priceson demand

Instruction for use
The special quality of the brush, which does not hook into the material, makes it suitable for cleaning textiles and synthetic materials. First of all, it is recommended that you brush vigorously to remove the obvious surface dirt. If the shoe is very dirty, it can also be brushed under running water. For fine cleaning, the brush is used to rub the corresponding protective cleaning agent (foam, shampoo…) into the shoe; this also frees dirt from the pores. Now let the shoe dry before impregnating it.

The brush can be cleaned with water and soap if necessary!.

Suitable for: textiles, synthetic materials, combinations.