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991 Triangular Brush

Formtriangular suede brush
Size75 x 80 mm
Colorblack (in stock)
other colors (from 1,000 pieces)
Bristlessynth. bristles transparent, brass wire bristles, rubber crepe and stain eraser
(in stock);
brass wire + synth. bristle-row
MOQ0 pieces
Priceson demand

Instruction for use
1. Brass Wire and Synthetic Bristles: Use synthetic bristles to brush stains out of leather. Brass wire bristles remove even the most tenacious dirt!

2. Stain Eraser: Use a stain eraser to remove marks and shiny spots carefully. Clean your shoes with synthetic bristles afterwards!

3. Rubber Crepe: Brush the leather thoroughly with crepe. Crepe cleans leather fibers from dust and roughs them up evenly. Suede will look as good as new.

Suitable for: suede leather, buckskin leather, nubuck leather, velour leather.