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263 Big stiff brush of wood deluxe

Formstiff brush of wood, with lateral finger troughs
Size185 x 47 mm
Varnishingbrown varnished (in stock)
Bristles#26340: coco bristles natural (in stock)
MOQ0 pieces
Priceson demand

Instruction for use
The stiff brush is used to clean very dirty shoes. Before beginning to clean, the shoe should be dry. First, the coarsest dirt (dry earth, mud, sand, …) is removed from the entire shoe by brushing. Thereafter, the dirt that has been deposited in the seam between the leather and the sole is removed with the slant (back end of the brush). Then, incrustations in the profile of the sole are removed with the point (front end of the brush). Finally, the shoe is again brushed with the robust coco bristles, after which it is cleaned with a moist cloth. Now the actual shoe care can begin.

Suitable for: all types of leather and textiles.