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197 Suede brush with wooden handle

Formsuede brush with cap of rubber light-beige
Size155 x 35 mm
Varnishingnot varnished (in stock);
clearly, brown or black (from 1,000 pieces)
Bristles#19706: synth. bristles transparent
(in stock)
#19750: brass wire bristles
(from 1,000 pieces)
#19756: brass wire + synth. bristle-row
(from 1,000 pieces)
MOQ0 pieces
Priceson demand

Instruction for use
First, it is recommended to remove any coarse dirt with the brass wire and/or synthetic bristles. The brush with synthetic bristles cleans in a more gentle way (also suitable for velour leather), whereas the brass wire brush cleans more powerfully (for coarse dirt). The side cleaning edge is well suited for dirt in places that are hard to access - such as edges and seams. After cleaning, the corresponding care product is used. Finally, the fibers of the leather should be raised with the rubber nipples and should be "combed" to achieve a uniform structure in one direction. The brush and the nipple head can be cleaned with water and soap.

Suitable for: Suede leather, buckskin leather, velour leather.