Communication policy

The most important instruments of communication policy are advertising, sales promotions and public relations*, whereby we will only discuss sales promotions at the point of sale here as the other topics are more general and too comprehensive to be dealt with here.

Sales promotions at the point of sale (consumer promotions):

Which events can be carried out or offered at the point of sale?

• Lucky draws
• Voucher promotions
• Distribution of goods samples
• Distribution of publicity gifts
• Execution of sales events
• Information events (slide and film shows)
• Multimedia terminals
• Awarding of loyalty prizes
• Design of shop window decoration

One can, for example, offer the retail outlets promotion personnel at a ‘low’ price. This staff will then demonstrate the use of a product (e.g. the correct cleaning and care of shoes) or they give detailed information on one article (e.g.: which insoles are suitable for which foot type). The promotion personnel simultaneously offers goods samples or draws attention to ‘trial prices’ on certain products that are only valid for the duration of the promotion.

Measures used during consumer promotions have a so-called ‘pull-effect’. Sales success is increased when the consumer is given a particular purchase stimulus. (In contrast retailer and external sales promotions have a so-called ‘push-effect’. The offers are ‘pushed’ into the retail outlets and it is up to the retailer how he gets the products to the final consumer.)*****

*According to: Ulrich D. Frey (2001): POS-Marketing. Integrierte Kommunikation für den Point of Sale. Betriebswirtschaftlicher Verlag Dr. Th. Gabler GmbH, Wiesbaden.
*****According to: Dieter Wölm (1998): Kreatives Marketing. Eine zukunftsorientierte Perspektive. W. Kohlhammer GmbH, Stuttgart.